2013 in Review

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2013 in Review

01 Jan 2014

This is a meta-post to review what happened in 2013. This was actually written in 2021 and so is just a scattered set of recollections.


After a hiatus of 6 months (due to life changes) I resumed writing in my blog.

I’ve enrolled and concluded a Coursera course on Automata Theory. I continued studing Haskell (mostly from Real World Haskell) and had a few related posts. I’ve also took a stab at learning Agda, but didn’t go far.

I tried to keep up on studying Combinatorial Optimization by studying Matroids, mostly from Combinatorial Optimization - Networks and Matroids by Eugene Lawler.


I’ve traveled to Philadelphia and New York City. In MoMa in NYC I was able to see some of Erik Demaine’s origamis. I’ve posted about his Hypars in the past.

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Erik Demaine's Art

I’ve also attended the Maker Faire in San Mateo, where a bunch of makers get together to expose and sell their work. One of my favorite stands was this geometric sculptures (unfortunately they’re were a bit pricey for me). I’ve first seen similar sculptures as the prizes from Al Zimmermann’s Programming ContestsRegister.

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Metal sculptures

I’ve also been to Iguazu Falls (Brazilian side). I’ve done very little traveling within Brazil, perhaps with the thought that I’d be there my whole life, and I’d have time to explore it eventually. Now I’m a tourist to my own country and more eager to go places.

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Iguazu Falls