2012 in Review

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2012 in Review

01 Jan 2013

This is a meta-post to review what happened in 2012. This was actually written in 2021 and so is just a scattered set of recollections.


I decided to start writing in English. One of my very first posts in English, Skip Lists in Python was mentioned on Reddit (r/python) and became very popular. I recall the day it got popular, I got 10k visits in a day (whereas the usual is a dozen).

With the craziness of moving abroad and starting a new job, Skip Lists in Python was also the last post I wrote in 2021, in September, thus breaking the streak of posting weekly.


I’ve moved to the US and started working for Facebook. Paulo, a long time friend of programming contests, also started with me, so we became roommates.

I’ve visited the Yosemite National Park.

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Yosemite Valley.