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On Documentation

02 May 2023
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Recently I got recognized at work for driving improvements to our team’s documentation. I have some of thoughts on documentation which I’d like to share in this post.

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29 Apr 2023
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One of my favorite features from C++ is the RAII idiom, which stands for Resource acquisition is initialization [1], a term coined by Bjarne Stroustrup.

The general idea is that resource acquisition (memory, locks, file descriptors) is done during the constructor and released during the destructor.

In this post we wish to discuss RAII in a broader context. We’ll cover applications of RAII in C++, in Python and as a UX paradigm.

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Review: Real Analysis

21 Apr 2023
Effective C++ book cover

In this post I’d like to provide my review and notes of Real Analysis: A Long-Form Mathematics Textbook (2nd edition) by Jay Cummings. This book covers many topics of real analysis, providing proofs for most of the results and being very generous with the steps, making it accessible. The author also provides a lot of motivation and intuition for the discussed topics.

We’ll provide a list of each chapter with a summary with my notes. All definitions and theorems are nicely numbered in the book so I’ll mention them in my notes for my own reference.

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The Basel Problem

14 Mar 2023
Pietro Mengoli thumbnail

Pietro Mengoli was an Italian mathematician and clergyman from Bologna, teaching at the University of Bologna [1]. He worked on infinite series and limits of geometric figures.

In 1650 he posed the following problem: What does the following summation converge to? $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{1}{n^2}$

It took almost 100 years for it to be solved. Euler provided a solution in 1735 which was correct but his proof lacked some formalism.

In this post we’ll discuss Euler’s proof to this problem and understand what parts it was missing. It’s my first post in celebration of $\pi$-day.

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Review: Effective C++

15 Feb 2023
Effective C++ book cover

In this post I’ll share my notes on the book Effective C++ by Scott Meyers.

Meyers’ book is organized around items, each of which describes specific recommendations and then it delves into the rationale, while also explaning details about the C++ language.

In my review for Effective Modern C++ I included a summary for every single item, but in this post I’ll only include items I found particularly useful. The reason is that I read this book after Effective Modern C++ and I knew more “non-modern” C++ than I did modern C++ so I learned less thoroughout than before.

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